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Temporary works the short-term parts of the construction required to enable the permanent works to be built.

Temporary works are an essential element of the construction process, but for some reason, these are often an afterthought, rather than an integral part of the design. Here at Blue Sky Consulting Engineers  we provide structural systems that ensure that both your temporary works structure and permanent works structure remain stable throughout the construction process.

With a ‘hands-on’ background in the construction industry, and many years spent buckling under the weight of a hod, our team understand the unique issues faced by builders and the need to avoid the costly delays that leave construction pros twiddling their thumbs.

That’s why we build temporary works design into our projects from the outset, ensuring the safety of your build from conception to completion.

Need help with temporary works? We’ve got you covered:

Bespoke Scaffold designs

When standard TG20 solutions aren’t sufficient you may need a Bespoke Scaffold Design

Temporary supports

we can help design and specify all temporary supports required -such as Needling, needle props and masonry supports, used when installing new beams

Prop design

temporary prop design to facilitate the construction of permanent works.

Shoring design

we can design shoring supports systems specifying the required posts, struts and sheeting to enable a successful shoring project- commonly used in facade retention 

Excavation supports

We can design and specify your required excavation supports- from timber supports for shallow excavations to trench boxes and trench sheets for more complex excavations. 

Concrete form work and false work

we can design and specify any required form work and false work to enable a successful concrete pour. Ensuring the your concrete is safely contained and supported until it is sufficiently cured to support its self.

We can handle one or all elements of your temporary works design.
For larger projects, we can also provide a temporary works coordinator, to keep your paperwork compliant and up to date.
All temporary works will be designed in compliance with the BS5975 code of practice and CDM Regulations.

Let us take the strain. Get in touch to discuss temporary works today.

Handy resources for temporary works design:

Temporary works forum- wealth of knowledge on temporary works. https://www.twforum.org.uk/home
HSE- The management of temporary works in the construction industry- https://www.hse.gov.uk/foi/internalops/sims/constrct/2_10_04.htm


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