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When you’re buying a new home it is advisable to have at least a RICS homebuyers survey done as this will provide some piece of min that what you are buying is sound and fit for purpose.

The homebuyers survey will examine the property as a whole, rates its general condition and identifies any areas that may require attention. Normally this survey is enough and if you’re satisfied with the report you’ll continue with the purchase. However if you’re buying an older property needing some TLC, or on occasion the RICS Homebuyers report may recommend additional investigation if they locate a problem that needs to be looked at by a specialist and you may need to commission a more in depth report. They may identify problems with the electrics, drainage, utilities supply or the structure of the building.

Occasionally you may need a little more information to appease the mortgage company or to put your mind at rest that you’re not buying a total basket case that will turn in to a money pit. This is where Blue Sky can help! With one of our Structural Surveys, Structural Inspections or Structural Reports we will tell you exactly what issues you have with your property, what’s causing it, how to fix it and tell you how much it will likely cost to fix it. 


This could be super handy if the defect is expensive and may give you some leeway to negotiate on the price. An in-depth detailed inspection of your property concentrating on the structure of the building and will be far more intrusive than your other surveys.

We may need to lift carpets, enter loft spaces or basements, check foundations or expose brickwork so it’s worth checking with the seller to make sure we have permission to do this.

Our Structural surveys, Structural Inspections and Structural Reports may include a comment on the value of the property but we will not advise if the property is worth the price you’re paying. The cost of our surveys varies depending on the Size, condition and value of your property. So please get in touch for a quotation.

For whatever reason, if you decide not to work with us….we will be sad…but we’ll happily give you this piece of advice. Whoever you choose to work with, please make sure you employ a properly qualified and competent person and make sure they hold sufficient professional indemnity and public liability insurance for the value of your property.

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