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Structural Engineer London

Are you planning on modifying a building? Are you worried about the safety of an existing structure?

If so, you’re in the right place. Blue Sky Consulting Engineers in London ensures that your buildings are safe and can accommodate any structural changes you make.  

Structural engineers are professionals who specialise in determining the strength and quality of buildings – as well as figuring out whether you can make additions or not. For that reason, they’re vital in north London, south London, east London and west London for a variety of domestic and commercial projects.


Here are some of the structural engineering services that we offer to people living in the London area:

Renovation Engineering

Renovations, such as extensions, fitting solar panels, loft conversions or modifying interior walls all have structural implications. These changes alter the internal load and modify how buildings distribute weight.

We provide structural engineering services that evaluate whether the changes you make are safe and secure. We provide drawings and calculations to assist both building contractors and architects during renovation work, ensuing that buildings remain safe and comply with regulations.

We help with a variety of renovations requiring structural modifications, including underpinning floors, removing chimney breasts, converting lofts, modifying doors and windows, moving interior walls and extensions. With us, you can get all the technical information you need to make changes to a structure with confidence.

Structural Inspections

Problems with property can cause issues that adversely affect the structure. Again, Blue Sky Consulting can help.

If you have cracked walls, subsidence, a sagging roof or foundation problems, then get in touch with us today for an inspection. We carry out an in-depth evaluation of the issue and help to determine a precise diagnosis, letting you know what course of action needs to be taken.

We go beyond the standard analysis of chartered surveyors, adding more detail, and determining the root of the problem that we can then pass on to contractors. With us, you can get real, long-lasting solutions that will help you maintain the value of your assets.

Expert Witnesses

Sometimes you can find yourself in disagreement with another party over a structural matter. If that’s the case, we can provide a structural engineer in London who provides an independent, unbiased professional analysis of the problem. Blue Sky Consulting Engineers give you a comprehensive report and advise you on your options. As your expert witness, we can help you avoid having to go to court and act as your trusted professional opinion.

Get Structural Engineers In London

If you’re looking for a structural engineering specialist in London, then talk to us today. We have vast experience helping all kinds of property owners determine the structural properties of their buildings, whether for renovations, inspections or resolving disputes.

We perform all our work with the utmost impartiality, ensuring that you get the information you need to make decisions about your property. We help you construct buildable, attractive structures to ensure that your investment capital works for you. For more information on converting your loft, please visit our loft conversion page

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