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We’re a small but highly experienced team, providing expert guidance with structural and civil engineering matters.

Our team came together in 2013, to create an accessible and affordable engineering consultancy, where a multi-million-pound corporation would receive the same friendly, personal service as a young couple, creating an open plan kitchen in their first home.

What We Do

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If your basic homebuyer’s survey turns up any problems, we can provide a structural survey, to find out exactly what is wrong with your property.

Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers

Structural Engineer

Knocking down walls to create stunning, open plan spaces is exciting – but safety is a big concern. Let us, quite literally, take the strain.

Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers

Civil Engineering


Blue Sky engineers design the environments that underpin our lives; from roads and bridges to drainage systems and power stations.

Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers


We can take care of all your temporary works needs, from scaffolding design to temporary supports and false work for concrete casting.

Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers


We provide engineering consultancy to both public and private clients; including home-buyers, construction companies, government bodies and more.

Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers


Find out how we can help you.

Blue Sky Consulting Engineers work with both public and private clients throughout the UK 

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`If you need engineering advice that’s both comprehensive and straight-forward, get in touch with our team today, for an informal chat or a no obligation quote.

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London office
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BB

Manchester office
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Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers
Home Blue Sky Consulting Engineers

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