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Essentially, your house, factory or any other type of building or structure stands up because over the centuries, through trial and error, builders and engineers have figured out what materials and methods safely transfer loads to the foundations and ultimately to stable ground.

Back then trial and error was an acceptable way of seeing if something worked but unfortunately in the 21 st century we have all sorts of laws that would see us having a nice holiday at her majesty’s pleasure if we decided to do things that way. So we can’t just build it, stand back, cross our fingers and hope our structure is still there tomorrow.

But we do have a lot to be thankful for to our engineering ancestors as their trial and error has given us the formulas and methods that modern engineers now use to make sure a structure doesn’t fall down.

Building attractive structures that aren’t the run of the mill boxes or Knocking down walls to create stunning, open plan spaces is exciting – but safety is a big concern. Your property is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make so why risk it falling down?

We work closely with Architects, construction professionals and homeowners to ensure that all designs are buildable, attractive and fully compliant with UK building regulations. At Blue Sky we can advise and carry out Structural design and analysis for any clients in North Wales on new builds, refurbishment projects, historic buildings, loft conversions and specialist structures. We also offer a structural survey and structural inspection service to all our clients in North Wales 


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